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Mobile Museum 1


The “Profiles of Honor” Tour recognizes and honors Virginians who served in WWI and WWII. This unique mobile exhibit includes interactive education - including WWI Navy video footage, photos, infographics, and artifacts.  Visitors can see the intricate details of a WWI gas mask, a WWII brass compass, plus many more items supplied by museums around Virginia.


Mobile Museum 2

A super-cool addition is a 1/3 scale model of an M5A1 Stuart tank (affectionately known in the field as a "Honey").  The model, equipped with salvaged parts from a Honey cockpit, will sit in the rear of the exhibit to provide a photo opportunity and learning experience.

The mobile exhibit will visit museums, libraries, and historic sites throughout Virginia.


Mobile Museum 5


Find dates, locations, more design photos, or just learn more about the Profiles of Honor Tour by clicking here.

Stay tuned for more to come as this exhibit is nearing completion date quickly.