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SPEVCO is proud to announce a return to the company’s heart and soul: they have opened up their paint and body shop to any business with a large vehicle in need of a custom paint job. The owner of SPEVCO and the company’s roots herald back to the 1970s when he launched the company by specializing in custom car and truck painting. The company is excited to make that initial passion and skill set open to the public in a new way and to add to their current list of services.

Need a paint job for large vehicles? No problem. Nowadays, we have a 100,000 square foot state of the art facility with a paint booth that can easily accommodate one or two 50-foot trailers. 

No paint or body work job is too big and, best of all, our body shop is open to the public. We have room for 18 wheelers, a single truck, heavy equipment, or a whole fleet.

Even if you didn’t buy a custom trailer from SPEVCO, we will happily refresh and rebrand. Your success is our success. We believe in providing reliable service through challenging work, honesty, and respect. The relationships we build with our clients remain ongoing and steadfast.

Benefits of Painting for Trailers and Trucks 

There are a lot of benefits to investing in custom paint work for trailers and trucks.

Rolling Advertisement and Source of Pride 

If you depend on your 18-wheeler or a fleet of semis to keep your business running, then you know the importance of keeping the rigs looking good. They function as a rolling billboard of your company’s services and are a source of considerable pride for drivers.

Becoming a Show-Worthy Truck and Trailer Combo 

Big rig show trucks are impressive. A semi-truck and trailer with a mirror finish custom paint job, headlights, low windshield visors, chicken lights, ample chrome and other accessorized touches make a bold statement on the road and at truck shows. Many drivers like being the center of attention. 

Nowadays, old school semi-truck looks are again dominating the truck show circuit. Owner operator trucks often converge at such shows with their customized rigs which have become true symbols of the trucking industry. Whether you own and operate a Peterbilt, Freightliner, or a classic Mack, SPEVCO’s custom paint work for trailers is sure to make the truck/trailer one of the finest, tricked-out rigs at the show or on the road. 

Personalization Opportunities

A custom paint job is an opportunity to personalize your truck and trailer. At SPEVCO, our paint artists will take your ideas and make them a reality. Whether you already have something specific in mind or you want our team to draw out several concepts, we are here to help. Customization makes your truck and trailer stand out, it hone’s your business brand, and has the potential to attract clients to increase your business’s bottom line.

Brand Recognition

Marketing your brand has never been more important or easier. Let our team work with you to create a customizable design theme that helps make your brand and business stand out from the competition. If you want your brand to become memorable then a customized paint job on your rig or fleet is the way to go. Freight branding establishes your company in the minds of your clients. Your business will stand out with a recognizable logo, mission statement, vision, and color scheme. You can even have your website added to the paint design. 

Think about the following and weigh the importance of a:

  • Recognizable logo
  • Mission statement
  • Website
  • Color scheme
  • Vision 


Individuality and Personal Taste

An over the road trucker will spend four to six weeks on the road without heading home to take a break. Some drivers stay out even longer. Their truck truly becomes their home. Just like every homeowner wants to improve their house with a fresh coat of paint, decor designs, and landscaping, you want to make your residence look good. Truckers feel the same way. A customized paint job displays pride of ownership and gives the driver some bragging rights with other truckers. 

Reverses Time and Damage 

Life on the road for a truck and trailer is hard. An 18-wheeler faces the elements such as the sun, road salt, acidic rain, gravel, the occasional deer hit and more. Everything starts to impact the rig’s paint causing it to fade, chip, peel, or look subpar. Gravel and even sand can leave dings and dents that mar the truck and trailer’s surface. Eventually, the truck and trailer are going to start looking bad and its value will plunge. A custom paint job will restore the rig’s beauty and add value to its resale value. A paint job and body work are like giving the vehicle a facelift. 

Signs it’s time for custom paint work for trailers and trucks include:

  • Dings and chips
  • Collision Damage
  • Rust spots
  • Porous paint
  • Peeling paint
  • Faded color
  • Weathered paint
  • Paint that has no luster even after waxing 

Restoration and Rejuvenation 

A new high-end semi will easily set you back $200,000 or more. The prohibitive cost of a new truck is why a lot of drivers are investing in used trucks. They can then focus on restoration and renewal. A little bit of body work and fresh paint can make any old rig look new again. 

Other reasons why owners/drivers are restoring used trucks:

  • Owner-Operator Opportunities: If you have been driving professionally for a while for a company then you have been dreaming of flying solo with your own rig. However, the cost of a new truck is enough to make anyone shake in their boots in fear of getting in debt and failing. Buying a used truck and trailer is a terrific way to save money and become your own business owner. All your new rig will need is a bit of truck painting to hit the road and become operational, so you go from a simple driver with a CDL to a business owner/operator. 

Fleet Renewal

If you run a fleet of trucks and trailers, then you probably spend a lot of time budgeting and focusing on mechanical needs. Letting your fleet fall into disarray and show cosmetic flaws can actually impact your business negatively. You want your company’s trucks to look sleek and well-kept because it influences your customer’s perception of your business. Here are a few reasons to consider a new paint job for your fleet vehicles:

  • Employee pride: The aesthetic upkeep of your company trucks inspires employee pride when they drive them, and they are more likely to take care of them. 
  • Return to Factory Perfection: Perform some body work, removal of a few dents, and a new paint job will make it look like your fleet is factory new and just rolled off the assembly line - everyone will think your business is profitable and shows pride of ownership. 
  • Rust Prevention: An amateur paint job makes your trucks susceptible to rusting. SPEVCO will take care of rust and execute a top-quality paint job to ensure that the rust doesn’t return. 
  • Increase Resale Value: On the day you decide to sell your fleet vehicles, trucks and trailers that have been cosmetically neglected will not fetch as much money because buyers will be concerned that they might have mechanical problems. However, a sleek exterior will bring positive attention from buyers and increase their resale value. 

SPEVCO has the capacity to paint trailers, RV's, tour busses, tankers, trucks, box trucks, and more. We can mix custom colors for optimum fleet painting and graphic abilities. Our skilled craftsmen crew are true artists who will prep, paint, and perform all necessary body work to create a truly customized truck and trailer to meet your vision. We can generate virtually any effect you want to give you a totally unique look for your brand or company’s logo.

Custom paint jobs are an art form - you want the best working on your truck or trailer. Our team can effectively paint your truck, trailer, or heavy equipment to meet any design specifications. We will match your fleet colors and adhere to manufacturer particulars. Add graphics, two-tones, air brushing, lettering, clear coating, and more. Whatever you can dream up, our paint artists can make it a reality.

As SPEVCO returns to their roots, you can be assured of premium custom paint and body work services. Our team has the skill, experience, and passion to complete any job with the precision expected of a team of world class paint and body repairer/restorer specialists. 

Contact SPEVCO today to learn more about our custom paint and body work services.