Going out on the road with your brand is an excellent way to connect with customers and get them excited about your product. An experiential marketing tour is a way to create a spectacular and memorable experience for potential customers that leaves them talking about your business and sharing their experience with friends and family.

The first step to executing an experiential marketing tour is to design and build the right experiential marketing trailer or exhibit. With the advancement of technology, the capabilities of these massive machines are incredible.

These vehicles offer cutting-edge design and the possibilities are endless. From interactive product demonstrations to art installations to enormous televisions running advertisements, you can drop jaws and make a huge impact with your experiential marketing vehicle.

An experiential marketing tour isn’t an easy undertaking. It is a huge task that requires a lot of planning, strategy and the right team to properly operate the vehicle and represent your brand. If you’re planning to get your show on the road, you’ll want to be prepared for every part and any type of problem that might come up.

We’ve spoken to the professionals from designers to builders to operators and tour managers. With their help, we’ve compiled this list of tips for properly executing an experiential marketing tour and killing it out on the road.

1. Choose the right partners.

The process of getting out on the road should start several months in advance. You’ll want to have plenty of time to iron out all of the important details before leaving town.

It’s incredibly important that you choose the right team of experts to work with for the development of your strategy and the design and build process. The strategy will tie in to how your custom marketing vehicle is built, so you want to make sure that you work with a marketing agency that understands your goals and can effectively communicate with the team that is fabricating the vehicle to ensure that you’re set up to achieve them.

You also want to make sure that you hire an experienced team and especially one that offers a Design-Build process. This means that the same company handles the design and the production of your mobile marketing trailer. It saves you time and money and makes the communication smoother when you only have to talk to one company, as opposed to several that are involved in the process.

An experienced DB company will know exactly how to take what you’re envisioning and what you’re trying to accomplish and build a customized trailer that works to meet those needs.

2. Give your team enough time between gigs.

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when planning an experiential marketing tour is not considering the amount of time it takes to fully execute each show. They also forget that the specialty event trailer will need the proper maintenance checks and technical difficulties might arise. Not to mention, road life can take a toll on your team.

These are all things that need to be taken into account when planning the schedule of your tour. Give your team and your custom event trailer enough time to travel, set up, tear down, stop for any problems that arise, and enjoy a little bit of downtime so no one gets burnt out.

3. Don’t forget to check for permit requirements.

One of the most important aspects of going out on the road, especially with a larger custom trailer or vehicle, is obtaining the right permits and checking the local regulations in the places you’ll be traveling to for shows. Every state and some cities have their own laws and rules set by the Department of Transportation.

That’s why it is incredibly important to do your research and ensure that your team has the proper permits and is aware of any specific restrictions or laws before hitting the road.

4. Hire experienced operators!

Marketing professionals sometimes make the mistake of focusing too much on the staff members that will be interacting with customers. They want young, hip and personable brand ambassadors or their own employees that understand their brand message.

This is understandable, but it often leads the under planning and hiring inexperienced operators that don’t know how to properly set up, tear down and operate your mobile experiential marketing trailer. It goes without saying that this can lead to otherwise avoidable issues along the way.

Hiring experienced operators who know how the vehicle works to join your brand ambassadors is the way to go. Often the company that designed and built your event trailer will offer services for operating and maintaining your vehicle as well.

5. Get creative!

There are so many amazing ways to stand out amongst your competitors and make a huge splash at the event you’re attending with a specialty event trailer. It’s important to take the time to strategize and come up with the best possible design so that you get the most out of your investment.

From virtual reality to instagram-worthy art designs, the possibilities are endless. Make it fun, make it memorable, but also make sure it makes sense for your brand and the message you are trying to convey. This is where working with the right agency and the right design build team will help you create something special that will work towards your specific goals.

In Conclusion

An experiential marketing vehicle is an effective tool for boosting awareness of your brand and getting it in front of the right audiences. Just make sure that you choose the right team and be prepared with the right amount of time and strategic approach so that you can get the most out of your mobile experiential marketing trailer.