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Albert Einstein said, “The only source of knowledge is experience."

Some companies are great when it comes to experiential marketing activation, but a lack of Roadshow experience can be detrimental when assembling complex tours. Some clients have found using an inexperienced company delays, unnecessary questions and even rework.  Experienced people in teams bring speed to the project and reduce risk.

For example, Aron Chatman (our Client Services director) enjoyed a successful stint with the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys, and UnderArmour marketing departments. While that's fun, and Aron had star-studded moments as part of the Cowboys, more importantly he was in the trenches engaging fans and sponsors season after season. 

Aron has a reputation as a hard worker, a quick study and a veritable library of tour knowledge.



Things Aron probably knows (and you might want to know) .... 


  • DOT regulations in 50 states, Canada, and Mexico
    • How long can your driver be on the road at a time?
    • Can you get from an event in Michigan to one in Florida in a day?
    • Permits?  Tow Vehicle restrictions?
    • Traffic patterns?
  • Knowledge of set-up and take-down
    • Can one driver handle platform set-up, or two?  Temp labor?
    • Can one driver get the truck where it needs to be in the right amount of time?
    • Tents?  Awnings?  Simulators?
    • Event permits?
    • Load in / Load out dates?
  • Food and Rentals
    • Do you want snacks?  Drinks?
    • Do you need meals for your team?
    • Audio Visual equipment?
    • Lighting? Tables? Chairs?  Flooring?
  • Pre-event planning
    • Know the space?
    • Property contacts?
    • Pre-event photos (to guard against damage claims)?
  • Tour Scheduling
    • Event planning to a budget?
    • Which tour stops cost the most?
    • Which can be fit in without cost impact?

No matter what type of experiential marketing event schedule you have planned, Aron and his team are here to help you handle all the details.

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